Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy Busy....

So my latest project is blankets for my kids for Christmas.  I am happy to report that I have 2 of three completed.  The best part is I actually dragged out my Embroidery Sewing machine and gave it a whirl (I know it's been sitting since before my boys were born, so it was about time!).  Problem #1 my computer that had all my embroidery files was long gone.  So I began a three evening search through backup files and guess what I found them!  How exciting is that!  Not that I used any of those anyway, I ended up purchasing a couple of Cars images for the boys blankets anyway.

I survived the first two with only minor mishaps.  #1 do not put your finger under a moving presser foot, it may cause injury.  Funny how I laughed when reading the instructions whenever they stated not to put hands etc in certain places for fear of injury.  Thats what I get for laughing! :)  #2 Check the bobbin thread before starting.  My machine is kind enough to display a message when you are low, nice, too bad I am usually in the middle of something at the time!  Well usually it isn't a big deal but  I ran out on the outline step of the Mater image below.  I thought no big deal... I can do this.  I was careful not to bump the embroidery arm and I was all set (after I figured out how to wind the bobbin... hey it's been at least 8 years since I used it!).  I go to put the hoop back in and I knocked the hoop off the fabric.  I did manage to get it close but not quite where it was before.  I am just happy that I almost got it! :)  Just a couple of little gaps that if you aren't paying attention you won't see, hopefully! :)  Anyway here are some pics!

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