Monday, March 26, 2012

Challenge #7

Woot Woot Challenge #7 Look at me Go now! HA HA!

So my inspiration started with the Sketch Challenge at MoJo Mondays.  It really gets me thinking outside of my usual projects!  Then I headed over to Digi Darlas to see what's up for this week, it was all about buttons (I really need to improve my button collection I have decided... well at least my flowers are 'bursting' with buttons! :) )  I do like to really make it interesting by trying to incorporate a few challenges and still make a decent card.  So I threw in the 3B's over at Stamptacular Sunday Challenge.  Blue, Bling and a Butterfly!   And another fav site Flutterby Wednesday  where anything goes with some wings!

So here it is hope you like it!
Bazzil Bling paper for the base
Spellbinders squares
Scraps for the background papers (embossed with butterflies, as this was a larger card I passed it through twice!  I was pretty happy with the results)
White Flowers, airbrushed to match (BG05,BG09) with bling coloured to match (B99)
Image from Digital Darlas, one of the amazing freebies! :)
Dress/Hat BG01, BG02, BG05, BG09, B91, B97,B99, BG10, BG13, B15
Leaves YG11, YG13, YG17
Fence E35, E47, E44, BG02, BG05
Skin E000, E00, E51, E34
Flowers Y00, Y06, Y04
and of course my colourless blender... I really need to learn to colour in the lines!

Things I was happy with
- Loved how I was able to get the background embossed in a two pass method
- Happy about using up some scraps!
- Love the airbrushed flowers!
- I picked out my paper first then my markers (usually I do it the other way around and it can be a challenge.  I knew with blues It can get interesting matching them up so I decided to start with the paper and I am really happy with the way it turned out!)

Things I would do differently
- I may put a sentiment where the flowers are the next time... but I wasn't sure what I was going to use the card for just yet... this way I can just put the sentiment inside when I decide! :)
- I think some lace around the outside border would have been cool but I didn't have any small enough (white then airbrushed of course! LOL)

It's spring break here so the kids were embossing scrap paper with my cuttlebug and big kick... they had fun (and they are hired!) LOL

Thursday, March 22, 2012

So much fun...

I just love it when this happens! :)

Thanks to Digital Darlas!

(I am going to have to look at all the spring cards again as it's not looking very springy here right now!  I am sitting watching it snow... I heard something about 10cm's today!  Good thing I like the white stuff!)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Challenge #6

I had fun with this one... I took a couple of Challenges and tried to put them together.  Makes my brain do a little extra work!  I decided that this little Fairy is bringing April Showers in her little green watering can! :)
Digital Darlas April Showers
Mojo Monday's Sketch Challenge
CMC Copic Challenge - Anything Goes
Stamptacular Sunday Challenge - Cute as a Button

Digital Darlas Water Fairy Stamp
Bling and Bazzil Cardstock
Edge Punch
3 Teeny Tiny Buttons
3 White Paper Flowers
Hair E34, E37, E35, E29
Dress RV21, RV23, RV25, RV32, RV34, Pink Spica
Shoes RV32, RV34
Flowers RV32, RV34 Y38,Y11, FY1
Skin E31, E42,E51, T4 (wishing I wouldn't have added the T4! :) )
Watering Can C00, C1, C3.. started white and didn't like it so I added YG03, YG05, YG09
Paper Flowers, air brushed with RV21, RV25

My daughter was busy playing with a friend today so no artwork today.  My husband thought the hair was 3D he said he actually had to touch it to see if it was.  (Usually he just says "that's nice" so I was amazed that he actually noticed something! :) )

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I was way to busy this weekend... working!  I spent way to much time in front of my computer doing work 'stuff'.  I would much rather be reading blogs! :)

Well at least phase 1 of my project seems to be pretty much done, hoping to install tomorrow and move on to some card making!

I must admit I did spend some time sorting some of my digital stuff today so it wasn't all bad!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

What no time for Challenges?

I have a different kind of challenge going on this week... it's call computer 'schtuff'.  I am working on conversion/clean up of a database.  Love it but it is cutting into my copic time!  Oh well I will be back at it next week.  I do get a bit of a break from work tomorrow as I will be scrapbooking from noon to midnight.  I am hoping to get a bunch of pages done!  Wish me Luck!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Challenge #5

Well today was another colouring kind of day!  I think I am truly addicted.  This is a simple card, I must be a very boring girl...  Anyway I have entered this in the Riley Makes a Scene and also over at MoJo Monday which was my inspiration for this card.

Spellbinders Squares
Dress RV25, RV23, RV21
Moose E35, E37, E39, E51, E53, E55
Skates C00, C1, C3
Blades T4, Spica Clear
Colourless Blender (I always seem to need this one!  Maybe my daughter can teach me how to colour in the lines!)
Stickles - Silver

I really wanted this one to look like the Moose had been skating on the ice so hence the swirls on the bottom, then I figured it needed some bling to fancy it up a bit.

No pictures from my girly today.  She was to busy playing 'skating' with her brothers mini-transformers!  At least she is playing with dolls tonight! :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Surprise

Ok so apparently the Random number generator over at Digital Darla's likes me this week!  So knock me over I never win anything!  Well it's a good start to the week.

Sadly I did not have any time to make a card today... bummer!  I was busy at the school reading with the kids and then this afternoon I spent my time working on my Income Tax (I would have rather made a card or two)

Saturday I managed to get 36 digital layouts ready to be printed and I even managed to get 4 digi page layouts done.  I was kind of hoping to get more done but it's better than nothing!

Sunday is my day off blogging day.  We spend family time together and since everyone was healthy it was off to the local arena for a skate!

Off to get some work done so I can make more cards this week!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scrapin Day!

Woohoo some friends are coming over to scrapbook today!  Goal... get a bunch of my digital pages ready to print!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Challenge #4

So this time a something a little different...  I dug out my new cameo today and decided that I wanted to try out the sketch challenge at Mojo Monday.  It was supposed to have a tag as well but I just couldn't fit it in there... but I though I would enter it anyway! :)   I am also joining the Challenge at Flutterby Wednesday which needs a butterfly or a fairy!

Bazzil Bling and Assorted Paper
Bright Pink Copic Marker to highlight butterfly edges
Pink embossing powder
White ink
Brads & Ribbon

Well this one started out with an idea I saw here for creating your own stamps.  Then I thought hey I could cut out some of my Slice foam with my Silhouette!  So I cut out my own stamp, then stamped it in white on a larger image I also cut on my Silhouette.  I was looking at it and thought hmm... some embossing powder would make it all sparkly! I also cut the doily with my Silhouette.  I was really trying to work in the butterfly like a tag on the left hand side but it was just too big... then it just seemed to fit right in on the right side so that's were it ended up.

I didn't have anything for my copics so I just had to colour the edges on the butterfly.  Really now I probably could have use a stamp pad.

I am really thrilled that I created the stamp from an image I cut on my Silhouette.  It took me about 3 test stamps to get it really inked up the way I liked but was very happy with the end result.  Not to mention that with the outline function I could make a bit bigger butterfly to stamp it on!

Here is a pic of the stamp on the block... as the foam was quite thin I had a bit of a mess on the block but I didn't get any on my paper when I was stamping it so I was happy.  I really can't wait to try this out again!  Although next time I will not use high tack adhesive.  I was just so excited I grabbed what was closest.

As always I was crafting with my daughter.  Today it was a sticker day, she tells me the starfish are holding hands and the little fish are in school! :)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Challenge #3

This time I decided to join the folks at Oldie but a Goodie Challenge (Mom's the word) and Bugaboo Stamps Catch the Bug Challenge (anything goes).

Flower Stamp
Flower V25, BV08, V15, V04, V01, V000
Leaves YG13, YG11, YG17, YG67

I found some old hardware that I have had for probably 2 years... sheesh!  It was silver and I decided I wanted to play with my Copics and I coloured the brads and the little frame.  I decided not to stamp the MOM part and tried some hand lettering, not sure if I like it.  I also used my copic's to edge the card and the flower.  Then I had to do some drawing around the hardware as I decided to change it's colour after I had it stuck down and I kind of slipped!  OOOPS... Well it's amazing what you discover when you screw up! :)

I also decided that I want a real air system for my Copics!  I used my air tool for my stampin up pens and taped (gotta love painters tape) my Copic markers to it... ha ha if you could have seen me!  No hand to hold my paper so I was blowing it all over until I stuck it down with a wee bit of painters tape.  It was a two hander but definitely do-able in a pinch!  I couldn't just use one of my markers that actually fit in the contraption because that would have been way to easy! :)

As always my daughter was busy colouring away.  An elephant was her choice this time.  A little better than the monster.

I am so excited!!!!

I feel like I am on the cover of the Rolling Stone. (and I can't even sing!)  One of my cards was chosen for an inspiration page check it out over at Digital Darlas blog!  Thanks ladies you made my day! :)


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Challenge time... (#2)

So I was at it again today!  This time it's bears.  I really wish there was more hours in a day!  I decided to join the challenge at Crafty Sentiments and Copic Challenge Blog today.  Unfortunately I have just discovered them so I don't have any of their cool stamps, so I decided to dig through my collection, which for some reason doesn't have many Teddy Bears.  That I am going to have to rectify as well! :)
Girl Stamp
Square Spellbinders
Purple ribbon that I had
Copic Markers
Hair Y02, Y11, Y21, E33
Dress V12, V15, V17, V09
Shirt V01, V04, V09, Lavender Spica
Shoes V01, V04, Lavender Spica
Socks B21, B24, C1, C3
Teddy E11, E13, E37, E57, E15, E21, E25 FRV1, RV63, C0
Skin E11, E15, E00, pink for cheek

I also coloured the flowers in the Dress colours and the Brads to match the Teddy's Bow.  I didn't like the bear as I was working on it but am quite happy with the finished product!  I did find out I must really like this stamp as apparently I have two of them.  Oh ya and lots of colourless blender.  When will I learn to colour in the lines?  Oh and her socks don't match on purpose, she was looking a little 'put together' for a little girl so I had to throw that in! :)

Again I was spending quality Colour time with my daughter.  She picked out her stamp that she wanted and way she went.  It is her 'creature'.  (I am dreaming of the day she picks flowers! LOL)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

My very first challenge!

So I have decided to try out this Challenge thing... So here goes...

I happened across this Digi Darla's website and saw that they had a Spring challenge. I also had time to get something done before the deadline!

I used one of Digi Darla's freebie images as it's the first time I have been to the site... I think there may be some digi stamping in my future from that site! :)

Digi Darla Image
Versa Mark and a Flower stamp for the background
Hair Y00,Y11, Y21, Y33
Overalls B91,B95, B97
Shirt C1, C3
Skin E00, E11, E21
Leaves G28, G09
Grass G21, G24, G28
Pinks RV63, RV02, RV55
Watering Can YG05, YG09
Browns E13, E15, E19, E29

So I am a little dull so I decided to brighten up the card with a ribbon that matched the nice green watering can.... and it was supposed to be spring!

I almost forgot my 4 year old daughter wanted to colour too... I think hers took a little less time than mine but we both had fun!

Monday, March 05, 2012

My current fav site!

Ok so I just discovered a place to keep track of all my Copic markers. Thanks Copic for creating such a great site! Can't wait to add some of my creations there!

Check out my collection here! (Or my sad little bag below... I think it needs more colour! :)
What I am still collecting here!

I love that I can access this info on my Iphone too. There will be no stopping me now! HA HA!

Updated... Woohoo I just got these!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Playing with my Silhouette...

Here is one of my vinyl projects with my Silhouette Cameo. I just got it a few weeks ago and have been playing a bit with it. By the time I am done with it I am sure there will be vinyl everywhere in our house! :)
Things I Learned:
  • Use my mat with Vinyl (Silhouette can cut vinyl without a mat but I found it works much better with one)
  • Use transfer tape!! This is a must or the vinyl will stretch
  • My Iphone doesn't take the best pictures in low light! :)

... and yes I still need a bigger craft room!


So glad you could stop by! I am a very busy Mom to 3 kids, who calls herself a stay at home Mom. But really works at three different part time jobs... so I guess I am a WAHM! Stay tuned for my latest crafting projects. In between homework, working and other stuff I try to actually work in some crafting time!

And YES I need more crafting space!